Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot BBB Cream Beauty-Boosting Balm


Every time I look at the black and gold packaging of the Napoleon Perdis Skin Renewal Collection I just know that each of the products present a luxurious experience.

Cue singing: “I’m soooo fancy!

The Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot BBB Cream Beauty-Boosting Balm with SPF 30 is designed to give the appearance of a HD foundation combined with anti-aging moisture and broad-spectrum sunscreen protection to perfect the skin. Free of parabens, mineral oil and fragrance, this is a perfect alternative for those who suffer from skin sensitivity.

The shade I have is light/medium, which perfectly blends into the skin. I found that the finish and wear of the BBB cream was quite nice on the skin, adding a natural warmth and glow to my complexion.

The packaging is that of a squeezable tube with a screw cap lid, which is quick and easy to extract product from. The formulation of the cream is very much of the feel of a thick moisturiser, with the coverage and blend ability of a light-medium coverage buildable foundation. At first, I was quite worried about the finish as it does appear very dewy on immediate application. But once the product has been blended and allowed to set for a minute or two, it dries to a smooth finish with a definite natural glow. I would recommend using a primer underneath and good blending brush (I use the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush) to aid the evenness of product during application.

As for wear time I’d say that this wouldn’t be a base product you would grab if you needed your makeup to last all day. It has a very lovely light, natural, glowing finish that suits casual wear up to 6 hours I’d say. Definitely worth a try if you haven’t yet found the right BB cream for you, and are looking for the perfect balance of coverage and moisture in the one product.

The Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot BBB Cream Beauty-Boosting Balm SPF 30 can be purchased separately or as part of the Napoleon Perdis Skin Renewal Collection.

Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer


The wise Napoleon Perdis once said.. “Not to prime, is a crime!

And, I 100% agree with him.

The Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer is actually the very first makeup primer that I ever used when I first got serious about makeup. So, I can say that it’s a great one worth sticking by.

Chamomile, Yarrow Extract and Vitamin E help to restore the skin with essential nutrients to keep the skin moisturised during the day while also helping your makeup to last longer.

To apply, use your fingers or the beautiful Auto Pilot Primer Brush to smooth a thin layer of product onto the skin. Then, I like to wait just a minute or two to let the primer begin to set and let the moister penetrate the skin before applying my foundation. The formulation is almost like that of a lightweight, milky gel that has a cooling effect on the skin that works for all skin types. Typically, this primer works wonders for long days wearing makeup, and can keep things looking fresh for around 10 hours. This primer doesn’t claim to put a time on makeup lasting power, but I can truly say that it ensures that the skin is healthy and moisturised while keeping makeup looking fresh and glowing.

Made a mistake with your makeup? No worries. This primer doubles as a moisturising makeup remover!

The Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer can be purchased separately or as part of the Napoleon Perdis Skin Renewal Collection.

Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Napoleon Complex Skin Renewal Serum


The Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Napoleon Complex Skin Renewal Serum will have you waking up with a good skin day, everyday.

Skinvest in the best” – Napoleon Perdis

I can definitely agree that when you are using this serum you will feel as though you are using a great product. The Napoleon Complex Skin Renewal Serum claims to aid dehydrated and stressed skin, fighting against premature aging and helping to repair and protect the skin.

Who new skincare could be so easy? Pump 2-3 drops of this and massage into the face and neck and let the product work it’s magic.
I like to apply this in conjunction with my favourite moisturiser, although you could totally alternate products per your day/night skincare routine also.

The serum has a water-like look and feel, and absorbs fast once massaged into the skin, which makes for an easy and hassle free application. The formula also helps the skin to feel refreshed with a fruity scent derived from antioxidant-rich Australian berry extracts including Pepperberry, Riberry, and Muntari Berry.

The lightweight, fast absorbing formula proves to be great for sensitive skin types, not being able to feel any apparent product residue. I also love that this can be applied in the morning or in the evening, however I do prefer to let the product work overnight. This ensures I wake up to clear, smooth and moisturised skin every morning!

The Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Napoleon Complex Skin Renewal Serum can be purchased separately or as part of the Napoleon Perdis Skin Renewal Collection.

Napoleon Perdis Skin Renewal Collection


I almost have no words for the beauty of this collection… almost.

So many beautiful products luxuriously packaged into one box, it’s the ultimate gift.

The Napoleon Perdis Skin Renewal Collection contains only the best products to create a flawless base for your makeup. Starting with the Auto Pilot Napoleon Complex Skin Renewal Serum, Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer, Auto Pilot BBB Cream Beauty Boosting Balm and to apply all of this you might ask?.. The collection also includes the Auto Pilot Primer Brush.

The collection has all of the right products to begin a perfect pampering skincare routine. From repairing the skin to prepping and perfecting your skins base, it is an impressive set. And what’s even better? All of the products are not only so luxuriously packaged, but also full-sized!

I will be looking at each of these products individually this week, so keep your eyes peeled!

Until then, check out more about the Napoleon Perdis Skin Renewal Collection online now.

The Perfect Neutral Eye – MAC ‘Naked Lunch’ & ‘Sable’


HELP WANTED: Seeking the perfect pairing to achieve a simple neutral eye look.

Is this you?

MAC’s Naked Lunch and Sable eye shadows make a perfect match to achieve a neutral, natural and simple eye look. Pop the pro pans into a pro colour 2x compact and you are good to go!

Naked Lunch makes for both a great highlight for the brow bone, inner corner or even just swiped over the eye lid. With a natural and subtle pink frost undertone, it suits skin tones to produce a highlighted glow to brighten the eye.

Sable is a soft bronze-brown shade that will suit most eye colours, and in particular will shine on brown-eyed beauties. It has a subtle almost gold coming through in its metallic frost finish. I can almost never wear gold or even just yellow toned shadows, but this one has the right amount of a neutral undertone that works well with both my skin tone and eye colour. Place either all over the lid or in the crease for definition for that natural, go-to look.

Both shadows blend beautifully together and I find that they brighten the complexion with their glowing finishes.

You can find both Naked Lunch and Sable eye shadows at MAC counters and online at $26AUD for the Pro Palette Refill Pan form.

Ren Ultra-Moisture Day Cream – Dry Skin


I hadn’t known the true power of a good moisturiser until I got my hands on Ren’s Ultra-Moisture Day Cream for Dry Skin.

I’ve always had quite a simple skincare routine, but my dry and sensitive skin has been craving some love and care during the recent Winter weather. Ren’s Ultra-Moisture Day Cream for Dry Skin delivers on all of its claims, assisting skin to feel smooth and plump, provides lasting hydration and helps signs of premature aging.

Upon application, the skin instantly feels more comfortable and smooth, without feeling heavy or oily. I always worry that any oils in face products will either break me out or I will have a sensitive reaction – but not with this moisturiser! This is perfect for me for both day and night wear absorbing quick to leave a silky finish. And I can tell you.. the moisture really does stay. Skin feels better than ever and looks it too.

This product has got me very interesting in learning more about Ren and their range of skin products, which have great ingredients. Ren is a clean skincare brand that has no parabens, sulphates, mineral oil, petrolatum or synthetic fragrance and colours to name just a few pros.

This one is a must for sensitive or dry skinned sufferers out there in my book!

Ren Ultra-Moisture Day Cream for Dry Skin is available now at Mecca Cosmetica for $60AUD.

Napoleon Perdis Limited Edition Love Birds Collection


The bright colours of Napoleon Perdis’ Limited Edition Love Birds Collection are beautiful enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Including a makeup bag with artwork from Australian artist Felicia Aroney, you’ll be set with a stunning nail enamel and lip gloss which perfectly compliment each other (“White Swan” shade selection pictured).

Don’t be fooled by the first glance of this clear/white gloss, once applied it transforms with an iridescent finish with a purple-pink shine looking gorgeous over any lip colour. Your transforming lip gloss and pastel purple nails are going to shine bright outside when you’ve got your Felicia Aroney make-up clutch in hand.

Each colour selection perfectly pairs one another. In fact, these love birds have me wanting to soak up the nice warm sun outside while it lasts.

The Napoleon Perdis Limited Edition Love Birds Collection is available now in 5 shades (White Swan, Skylark, Gold Finch, Flamingo & Dove).

Fancy Some Tea? – T2 ‘Strawberries & Cream’


Not being a real fan of both tea or coffee, this post is a little different for me. With my university studies coming to an end (WOO!), I have found myself quite stressed and thought I’d try the whole tea trend. So grab a cuppa, and read on to see what my T2 experience has been like.. (See what I did there.. ?)

A friend suggested that I try something with a sweetness to it, so I purchased the Strawberries & Cream variety from T2. I have to say, that store is amazing, I had seen a mass of variety when it comes to coffee, but I was not aware it was the same for tea. There is literally something for everybody, and that’s what made me so eager to try.

So, I also purchased an infuser (a tea necessity) and my Strawberries & Cream tea, went home and got straight to taste testing. The flavour is great if you have a sweet tooth, and like a bit of a tartness also. The appearance of the tea is quite a rich pink/red tone after infusing for a couple of minutes. Not being an expert, it’s a little hard to describe. But, there is a sweet creaminess on first taste that is quite enjoyable, and then you get an end taste of POW! tartness coming from the apple.

What I like about the flavours and variety (and with this one in particular), it can be enjoyed both hot and chilled, so you can still customise the flavour for your taste.

What’s your favourite tea from T2? I want to know!

Teas from T2 vary in price depending on the flavour and size that you are after. The Strawberries & Cream variety is $13.50AUD for the 100g box (It will go a long way).

Professional to Party in a Pinch


Fashion isn’t a typical topic here on my blog, but as I am coming to the end of my university studies, professional outfits with a fashionable twist are becoming an essential in my closet as I move towards full-time career opportunities.

Just because you aim to be a professional business woman does not mean that you have to sacrifice girly and fun outfit options for boring, unflattering colour palettes. This dress from Portmans Signature Collection has the right colour palette to transform from professional to party with some simple accessory swaps.

What I love about this dress is it has a high neck line, which is super flattering and business chic, while still showing a fun side with a flaired style skirt. The mixed black and blue tones with silver threading throughout absolutely shine in a range of different lighting situations.

I always love to pair a traditional style watch with my work wear. This one here is from Seiko, which I received as a gift for my 21st birthday. There is such range to look professional in gold or silver metals, or mixed with an extra bit of bling for style. Then pop on some black heels – An essential for every girl out there. These ones are from Betts. I lived in these for most of my internship recently because the black suede was professional, but an edge was also there with the added patent heel. There is also a slight platform to them which helps for comfort and confidence. Pop on a black blazer, and you’re ready to go!

If you want to transform the professional for party, it’s quite simple. Swap the watch for a chunky statement necklace. These two are some of my favourites in my collection – And, you’ll notice the cream one from my website header image. These were both picked up from Portmans for a steal!

I also swap the black heels for some cream pumps with a ruffled detail for extra fun. They also pair really well with the cream necklace. Again, choose something with a little bit of a platform, as you’ll spare your feet from a world of pain. These ones are from Forever New.

Swap a tote bag for a clutch purse, a blazer for a coat or add black leggings to amp up the look more. It’s easier than you think to use new and old accessories to transform your look from day-to-night!

Review: MAC Tinted Lipglass – ‘Cultured’


Oooo… Pretty. I am mesmerised by the pink-mauve opalescence of MAC’s Tinted Lipglass in the shade ‘Cultured‘.

This shade makes for a perfect natural pink lip, worn either alone or over a lipstick with undertones of purple coming through in the opalescent-metallic finish.

While the shade is versatile enough to be worn by gals of any skin colour, I do think it looks particularly gorgeous on fairer skin tones. Like I mentioned, it makes for the perfect natural nude lip colour to be worn with any makeup look. Sometimes with a fairer skin tone nude shades tend to have quite a darker or orange based finish, which can be overcome by going for a subtle pink shade instead.

I feel as though I’ve hit that MAC obsession phase that every beauty lover will eventually experience. Stay tuned, because I feel almost certain that more MAC will be showing up on my blog soon.

The MAC Tinted Lipglass range, including the shade ‘Cultured‘ is available at MAC counters for $35AUD.