Loving Liner


Lately I’ve been trying and testing a lip pencil and eye pencil that have been making the perfect pairing for a natural everyday look.

The Napoleon Perdis liner range is quite extensive, with a range of different formulas – however I’ve been loving the pencil type recently. And here’s why.

The lip pencil in the shade ‘Nude Slip’ is the perfect shade for my lip colour, creating a soft, natural matte look that pairs with just about any look. It can be applied to the entire lip for the matte look, or apply underneath other products to boost the vibrancy and longevity of lipstick.

The eye pencil in the shade ‘Brown Sugar’ has become a daily staple for my eye makeup look. When black liner can become too dramatic for everyday wear and creating a wing is just too much time and effort, this deep brown lines and defines perfectly to enhance my eye colour and shape while not looking too overdone.

Both formulas are long lasting with the creaminess to blend out and perfect before setting down. Quick and easy no fuss liner looks? No problem with this duo!

The Napoleon Perdis liner range is available and Napoleon Perdis counters and online for $28AUD each.

MAC Bronzer – ‘Golden’


It’s rare to find a bronzer that doesn’t make us fair girls appear orange hued, but I have recently been loving the MAC Bronzing Powder in the shade ‘Golden‘.
Testing out the MAC bronzers, they had a definite orange undertone to them, but this shade in particular has a lovely formula that gives a very natural warmth to my complexion.

The shade is quite matte in it’s finish but if you look at the pan very closely. there are super fine glitters apparent, but aren’t noticeable on the skin. The formula is quite sheer which is great for making sure that you don’t overdo that bronze glow.

The lasting power is great for all-day wear, which is fantastic given it’s sheer or light coverage formula. Just apply with a large, fluffy brush and you’re ready to go!

The MAC Bronzing Powder range, including the shade ‘Golden‘ is available at MAC counters for $39AUD.

Maybelline The Elixir – ‘100 Petal Plush


The liquid lipstick-gloss hybrid products have become all the rage at the moment, with Maybelline, L’Oreal and Dior becoming the centre of the popularity.

The product I’ve chosen to try out is Maybelline’s The Elixir in the shade ‘100 Petal Plush‘, a natural, blue-based pink with tiny silver shimmer.

The packaging is so cute and compact, having a twist up lid and lipstick shape to show the colour of the product inside the tube. The applicator is perfect for this type of product, being a tear drop shaped applicator that transfers the right amount of product to the lips while also being quite comfortable to use.

With the formula, I was impressed at first with the light vanilla scent and the glossy, moisturising appearance of the product. However, on application I was disappointed. The colour of the packaging didn’t really reflect the shade in it’s true to colour form, coming out as quite a blue-based, very sheer wash of colour. Another gripe I have with this one is the taste. The vanilla scent is the total opposite of the floral taste that you get, which is quite strong.

These things can be overlooked if you enjoy the formula enough, which is super soft and moisturising. However, I’m not totally sure if I am in love with this latest lip trend yet.

The Maybelline Color Elixir range including the shade ‘100 Petal Plush’ can be found at Priceline for $17.95AUD.

MAC Prep + Prime Skin


MAC’s Prep + Prime Skin makeup primer will give you the skin that you’ve always wanted.

Let’s just begin with the sparkles on the packaging. SO PRETTY! Anyway, that’s beside the point. Even though there is some great packaging for this product, with a handy pump applicator, you are able to get the perfect amount of product for one use with ease.

The formulation of the primer is very silky, and smooth with a white consistency that blends out seamlessly. One thing to keep in mind is that this primer has tiny micro glitters in it. It’s not noticeable unless you get all up in someone’s grill, but it may bother those who want to use clean products. The glitters help to brighten the complexion and add a lovely velvety glow to the skin.

Immediately on application of foundation, I noticed that it glided over so perfectly even, and dramatically reduced any natural redness from the skin or blemishes to achieve perfect looking skin.

The lasting power of the makeup was flawless for well over 10 hours of wear. MAC describes the primer to be, “An ultra-fluid lotion formulated with special-effect silicones. Calms and soothes the skin, blots away excess oil, and evens out skin redness. Improves the laydown and application of foundation or powder.“. And I can agree with these claims. In fact, I was so impressed with the primer and the look it gave my makeup that I think it’s possible that less product may be needed to cover up certain areas of concern as it works wonders with blemishes and reducing redness.

MAC’s Prep + Prime Skin primer is available from MAC counters at $45AUD.

Philosophy Purity Facial Cleanser


The Philosophy Purity Facial Cleanser will help to rid you of all your troubles. Well.. Maybe not all of your troubles. But, it claims to be a 3-in-1 cleanser for face and eyes that is formulated for all skin types.

The cleanser is designed to replace your makeup remover, eye makeup remover, facial cleanser and toner to deliver skin that is cleansed, refreshed and smooth.

The cleanser is extremely gentle and soft on the skin. The formulation of the product is quite a thin creamy liquid that keeps its texture upon use (non-foaming). The packaging is clean and simple, like the rest of the Philosophy product range. The round bottle has a push cap lid that is ideal for easy use, however, you loose a bit of control with pouring out the product due to it’s thin texture.

While it is a joy to use, keeping skin soft and moisturised with no eye irritation, I have found that it doesn’t completely remove eye makeup (mascara in particular). With a bit more time put into massaging the product into the face, I’m sure this can be overcome – If not, it’s nothing a little Bioderma can’t fix!

None the less, I have been loving this cleanser for the Winter time. It truly leaves skin with a comfortable soft feeling that doesn’t dry it out or feel tight.

So, do you believe the hype?

The Philosophy Purity Facial Cleanser is available from Mecca Cosmetica at $30AUD (240ml).